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Thompson Egbo-Egbo

Acclaimed Toronto composer and pianist, Thompson Egbo-Egbo is always in key. Deeply rooted in his upbringing – moving to Canada from Nigeria at age four, commencing his dedication to playing the piano at the age of six – his innate aptitude and affection for the instrument is as strong as ever to this day. On his forthcoming project released via MNRK Music Group, Egbo-Egbo will draw from themes of transition, rebirth, realignment, joy, and optimism for the future. Partly inspired by the shifts and impact the last years of the pandemic has placed on both a personal and professional level, audiences will experience the growth and depth of Egbo-Egbo’s writing, as an offering of sonic catharsis and hope. The project’s first single, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, is a classic cover that many may have heard in one of Egbo-Egbo’s live performances. Egbo-Egbo served as a member of the board at Dixon Hall for many years and is currently on the board at Jazz FM 91. His own organization, The Thompson T. Egbo-Egbo Arts Foundation, and the Evolving Through the Arts program, supports elementary school students by recognizing that a positive change and a sense of self-worth should be instilled in children early, and that all children should be afforded these opportunities. The foundation strives to fill a void in the education of music and arts not found in many communities, and partners with talented Canadian musicians and artists to provide a well-rounded and focused curriculum. The foundation is dedicated to creating a resource for underserved Canadian youth to advance in music and the arts, empowering them through a safe environment to learn and express themselves artistically, and providing a platform for children to build their confidence, leadership, and teamwork skills. From his degrees in Music from Humber College and music production at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, to releasing numerous works and collaborating with some of the world’s most renowned artists, Egbo-Egbo’s involvement in music has seen many opportunities come his way. Egbo-Egbo portrayed a young Oscar Peterson in an episode of Historical Canada’s Heritage Minutes, honouring the artist’s life and career, and performed Peterson’s music for a special concert with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra in February 2023. Egbo-Egbo wrote and recorded Oddly Familiar – an album recorded in Toronto and released and archived with Audio Network’s sync library. His new album was presented in a docuseries project by Luminato Festival called Golden Hour.


Thu Sep 07

Festival Street Music Stage