Ben Foster, Toby Wallace, Tommy Lee Jones, and Jenna Ortega star in this new crime drama from Brian Helgeland about a crew of fishermen who tread dangerous waters after their debts start piling up.


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Brian Helgeland

Ben Foster, Toby Wallace, and Tommy Lee Jones pull you onto their crew in this rousing crime drama by writer-director Brian Helgeland (Legend, TIFF ’15) about a group of fishermen who make a habit out of pushing the line.

Charlie (Wallace) is looking to get away from his dull college education when he begs his older brother, Tom (Foster), to let him work on his fishing trawler for a summer. There’s no deterring him, even after their first expedition almost ends disastrously. Charlie becomes fast friends with the group, making a place for himself in New Bedford as he starts dating Mabel (Jenna Ortega), who’s trying to make her own future. In this town, scallops are gold, and more is never enough as Tom’s crew encroaches into Canadian waters to continue fishing. Trouble follows, and with debts piling up, the men are forced to come up with a way to make some fast cash. Wrapped up in a dangerous drug deal, they get more than they bargained for, forcing Tom’s father, Ray (Jones) ― famous in the community for his cantankerousness ― to step in the only way he knows how.

With another brilliantly imposing performance by Jones, the film reveals itself to be a story about fathers who can’t always be the best examples for their sons. A safe return home isn’t always guaranteed, but with a boisterous crew you can’t help but root for, Finestkind will have you eager to get back out on the water, whatever it takes.

Official Selection, 2023 Toronto International Film Festival

Content advisory: violence, sexual content, drug use, coarse language


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