At 32, Kanika Kapoor has never had an orgasm… until last night. Now she needs to find out who got her there.


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Thank You For Coming

Karan Boolani

Smart, successful, and respected, Delhi food blogger Kanika Kapoor (Bhumi Pednekar) is what you might call a hapless romantic. A serial monogamist, she’s spent her entire adult life seeking a satisfying love match — both emotionally and physically. But no matter the partner, and no matter how enthusiastic the relationship, she’s never been able to have an orgasm… and it’s become so damaging to her self-image that she’s about to throw away her dreams of a fairy-tale romance and settle for a devoted but painfully dull suitor.

That is, until the morning after her engagement party, when Kanika wakes up satisfied for the very first time… and realizes she can’t remember who’s responsible. So she must run through all the likely parties — her fiancé, the exes who showed up to wish her well, the husband of a bestie with whom she’s always had a certain connection — in order to figure out what she really wants. She wanted to live a fairy tale, and now she’s a reverse Cinderella.

As you may have intuited, Thank You for Coming represents a very different sort of Indian cinema than we’ve hosted at past Festivals. It’s a raunchy, horny, unapologetically sex-positive modern comedy about a woman refusing to be classified as “a bore or a whore” and pursuing her own pleasure — literally!

Showcasing a sparkling comic turn from Bollywood star Pednekar, and a game supporting cast — including Anil Kapoor (Slumdog Millionaire, TIFF ’08) in full silver-fox mode as one of Kanika’s exes — Thank You for Coming is one of the brightest surprises of the year.

Official Selection, 2023 Toronto International Film Festival

Content advisory: coarse language, mature themes, sexual content


Thu Sep 07

Scotiabank 2

Fri Sep 15

Roy Thomson Hall

Sat Sep 16

Royal Alexandra Theatre